jessye evans roberson (“tiny”). 1918-2008


Tiny’s Day Book Entry.  Friday, November 15, 1985

It has been seven months since BJ died. I still find it hard to believe. Though I am beginning to accept the reality of the tragedy, the pain of losing him is still almost unbearable. If only I could have helped him more! We all loved him so much.

The gingko tree is in its golden glory today. Each year BJ would watch it from the den window, calling me to “look”- it’s so beautiful, and we both loved it. I bought the tree from cousin Mary Smith many years ago and planted it in front of the big Roberson house. After a period of November brief blaze of color it loses its leaves quickly, dropping them in a gold circle-like carpet almost, within an hour’s time. Like life, one barely has time to appreciate the beauty before it is gone. We are so fragile. I am reminded each day- in many ways- our happiest moments concerned the simple things- like the gingko tree. Together we watched the green turn to gold- to brown- to die. God speaks to us- and sometimes we listen. 




4 Responses to “jessye evans roberson (“tiny”). 1918-2008”

  1. 1 Launo Moore (Assistant to Marion Roberson

    Tiny was a beautiful lady. Looks like she was always surrounded by flowers; even in the last picture she had her “flowers” on the wall around her.

  2. 2 edye

    I really do love reading your grandmother’s writings. She must have been such a lovely woman, I’m sure you miss her. Thanks for sharing her words, they’re touching.

    11 days without a blog update, hmmmm. (hint, hint)

  3. 3 Rose Batte

    My husband died a few months before your grandmother. I loved seeing her obit in
    the Jackson paper. My husband planted a gingko tree years ago and each year
    he so looked forward to the gold leaves. His was in the hospital in Octob er
    and Noverber of 2008. Each day after I would go home to shower and change
    clothes he would ask,”What color are the leaves?” He did November 6th,2008.
    He was born l918. They could have had a lot to talk about.
    I clipped the orituary from the paper when I read it and have since lost it.
    After trying to find it on the internet I was so pleased to see the article and the
    Thank you .
    Rose Batte

  4. 4 uscphoto

    Thank you, Rose. I needed a boost as my grandmother’s sister’s funeral was held today, and it’s made me miss them both. I had been reminded of Boppa’s passing all day when I received your comment. We have a gingko tree in our yard. I will think of my grandmother and your husband each fall when I watch the leaves turn from green to gold to brown. He sounds like he was a wonderful guy.

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