tallahatchie flats


flats.jpg Rent a Mississippi Delta tenant house for $65 a night. These shacks were renovated a few years ago to appeal to Blues tourists in search of an authentic experience. Legend has it that Robert Johnson spent his final hours in one of these “flats.” The concept of renting a dilapidated house is a bit twisted, but I suppose the Delta is a strange place. I guess there is a certain symmetry to that.


3 Responses to “tallahatchie flats”

  1. 1 edye

    How cool! I’d stay in one of those…I think I’m gonna tell my dad we need to renovate the hen house and make some cash. Who’d have thunk it!

  2. this photo is so surreal and the mood of the photo is just great.

  3. 3 michael f

    don’t forget that the delta is as strange as it is beautiful, and don’t forget that most of the people whose music has helped create modern music lived and died in these places, this is where the power and inspiration for their life’s work came from. the shacks must be doing something right.

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