tiny’s old house


A newly scanned photo from Mississippi.  I’m not sure if it will make it into the finished series… 


2 Responses to “tiny’s old house”

  1. 1 edye

    I’m going to assume your comments option isn’t for decorative purposes only, and you actually want feedback. Since you aren’t grading any of my work, I guess that makes me more comfortable engaging in questions. 😉

    I’ve had a chance to view your other images from MS, I have to say this has a disconnected, almost voyeuristic feel. Not to say that is a bad thing, but to me it lacks the same intimate connection as the other images in the series I find so intriguing. For me there is more a sense of tension and dread, a heavy foreboding; rather than someone seeking to unravel the paradox of making a life of your own, but who is so obviously rooted in the ties that bind you to the past. Fascinating. and different.

    I’m curious as to why you’re uncertain to include it with the final body of work though. Does it make you uncomfortable to view it too?

  2. 2 uscphoto

    Hi Edye, Thanks for your comments. I was beginning to wonder if the comment area even functioned. Thanks for being so bold!
    Honestly, I’m never certain about my own images until I’ve lived with them for a while. When I scan in a new image, I have to stare at it in relation to the other photos for a few weeks before I commit. I can make fairly quick decisions about other people’s photos, but I usually have to ponder my own for a while.

    This is where my brother’s family lives on the farm. My grandparents built the house in 1938. When I took the photo I was standing outside of my eldest nephew’s room as he slept. I was interested in this idea of separation- being distanced from family- lacking a sort of intimacy that was once there.

    But it certainly has a different aesthetic feel, so I’m undecided about whether it will work.

    ps- Glad you decided to join us after the panel.

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