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money road


A newly scanned photo from Mississippi.  I’m not sure if it will make it into the finished series… 

In the introduction to Deep South, Sally Mann writes: The repertoire of the Southern artist has long included place, the past, family, death, and dosages of romance that would be fatal to most contemporary artists. But the stage on which these are played out is always the Southern landscape, terrible in its beauty, in its […]

the blackbirds


Decades ago, my grandfather planted cane around the houses to provide privacy from the open cotton fields.  The canebrake, dense and as tall as the magnolia trees, is where the blackbirds roost.  Every winter they arrive by the thousands, and their droppings soon coat the yard and the trees. I’ve tried to describe to friends […]

I’m back from Mississippi and back in the classroom.  No more cooking with lard. No more shotgun blasts echoing in the distance. No more swarms of blackbirds. No more funny-peculiar photographs. (not for a few months, anyway). Today was the first day of class, and Tricia made me eat a little crow for neglecting the blog […]