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I try to return to the delta for the holidays to spend time on my family’s farm and do some photographing. There is no internet or cell phone reception (alas, no blogging), and little to do except walk the fields with a camera. It’s a nice opportunity to clear my head and reconnect with family. […]

Growing up in the Mississippi Delta, I was familiar with Bill Eggleston’s family and friends in Sumner, before I knew about his photographs. While in my first teaching gig at Delta State, I hoped my students would be inspired by the impact of the extraordinary photographer with ties to their home, but they were entirely […]

My experience with book clubs is mixed. Despite everyone’s best intentions, books are rarely read, discussions rarely pertain to the book topic, members become too busy to meet and the groups fizzle. Tonight, I joined 4 women to form a new book club, and I’m inspired and hopeful about its potential. The discussion flowed naturally. […]

Sam Wang


I love Sam Wang’s photographs. Sam started the photography program at Clemson University, and he retired in 2006 after teaching for forty years. I am fortunate to have learned a great deal from Sam during the past few years, and I’m always inspired by his joyful fascination with all things photographic. These thumbnails, though beautiful, […]